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wewe A most excellent presentation at our Leadership Development week. The event was a great success providing a unique opportunity for our senior mangers to focus on enhancing their leadership abilities. There was an overwhelming response from attendees and their comments include: "Fantastic choice of external speaker, lots of parallels to draw and a great lesson in humility"; "Covered all aspects of leadership and was highly relevant even in our environment", and "Excellent, engaging, humorous.
University for Lloyds TSB
wewe The content of your speech was very appropriate and the delegates and business leaders found it fascinating, interesting and most thought provoking. Fantastic feedback included: "Most interesting and certainly made me think" and "Our leaders and future leaders will take heed of your key themes and integrate them into the way they lead their teams and our business.
Marsh & McLennan Companies
wewe Major General Arthur Denaro experiences were quite different and in a way more interesting due to their nature. He had some great messages supported by experience and also had a good sense of humour which always makes a speaker more appealing. I would definitely love to hear him speak again and would recommend him particularly for corporate functions. I always believe that a year on from hearing a speaker you won't remember a lot of what he/she said but you will remember how they made you feel. For me this is key and Major General Denaro definitely did that.
Ernst and Young
wewe Your excellent speech certainly made a hit here: the children thought you were cool; the fathers said they would follow you into battle, and the mothers said they would follow you anywhere.
Winterfold House School
wewe There are great similarities between the military and business world, but the stakes are somewhat different! A most interesting and insightful presentation.
wewe Thank you most warmly for being our guest speaker. The words 'excellent' and 'inspiring' were on all our lips afterwards. You made a very appreciated impression and contribution.
St Dunstans
weweIt is always so valuable and interesting to hear from successful leaders who have operated in other fields, be they business, political, sporting or, as in your case, military. So many of the basic principles are equally transferable across all sectors. The group had an interesting discussion after your departure and were able to make the clear distinctions which separate policing from the army, and that was important for them, as their organisation is working very hard at a strategic level to put clear blue water between their military background, and their concentration on the community policing.
wewe Major General Arthur Denaro was inspirational; it is reassuring to know a Commander leading men to war can have a crisis of confidence, like any other leader. Superb! Thought the talk by Major General Arthur Denaro was really motivating and inspiring and it translated well into the world of business. Arthur has had to make decisions that cost lives - not just of the men who served under him but also the ongoing impact to their families - you can draw huge comparisons between the two however you can never separate the part of the value of life! A brilliant evening. Perfect venue, excellent food and outstanding speakers. It was interesting to see another aspect of management from an army perspective when the stakes are much higher. Great event, with a refreshingly different view from the general. Would have liked him on for about twice the time. Great session, some good messages and reminders from Major General Denaro, within some stories of powerful real-life experiences. Thoroughly enjoyable - shame didn't have time for Q and A with Arthur - I'm sure it would have been illuminating & re-enforced his themes. I enjoyed the Major General's talk. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The main speaker was excellent.
Entrepreneur's Forum Event
wewe I thoroughly enjoyed your moving and thought provoking talk. Our Veterinary Director and a man who has achieved a great deal within the veterinary field (who briefly thanked you at the end), commented that it was the best keynote speech in his 7 years at CVS. You made many interesting points – two that struck me were the fact that you had self-doubt when taking command in the Gulf. Not something that you would necessarily be accused of and I found your admission very humbling and a reassurance that everyone is human and needs to override self-doubt with positive actions. You also talked of successful leadership involving good delegation – It has been commented to me in the past "that graveyards are full of indispensable men", and we should certainly make maximum use of our teams around us and allow (controlled) mistakes to happen.
Talk to CVS Conference
wewe We were honoured to have a visit from Major General Arthur Denaro. As a former Army officer for his whole life I had a huge degree of respect from him. I had already experienced first hand, men and women of the Army - I was always struck by their worldclass leadership ability. I was looking forward to what he had to say and it didn't disappoint. Romantic, nostalgic, thought-provoking, inspirational and dare I say it, somewhat tear-jerking at times through stories of operations in Iraq we heard about the foundations of great leadership - real leadership where the outcomes were high. The outcomes were as blunt as life or death. This is leadership at the raw end. I don't think there is a purer form. His powerful message touched all and will pick out just one thing for now, to share. Integrity. Arthur called it 'old-fashioned.' I thought it's darn well what we need more of. He believed in it and lived it. The cousin of integrity is care. A leader has to care for others more than themselves. And in this scenario it wasn't about offering to stay late for your team to finish a presentation - letting them go home - no it was willing to put your needs above your team's in the horrendous conditions akin to war.
Marketing Hall of Legends
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