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Junior leadership and responsibilities, based loosely around the command of SAS soldiers on operations. It covers: learning the trade and identifying the lessons; coping with pressure for the first time; acceptance of criticism; self development; applying integrity in decision making.

Leading at major unit level, with lessons drawn from commanding on Operation Desert Storm 1991. It covers: confidence and team building; professionalism; balancing the priorities; managing dramatitcally changing situations: taking the tough and hard decisions; communication at all levels.

Leadership at a strategic level, from experience as Chief of Staff of UN Forces during the war in the Former Yugoslavia. This includes: decision making at the highest level and the penalties of indecisiveness; international team building, and nurturing of national egos; dealing with major crisis and the fall-out from them; acceptance of responsibility at the highest level; maintenance of morale when things are going badly; judgement of duty, loyalty and honour.

wewe Your excellent speech certainly made a hit here: the children thought you were cool; the fathers said they would follow you into battle, and the mothers said they would follow you anywhere.
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